Maarten Billemont

[email protected] - @lhunath:lyndir.com - @lhunath

— About Me

I'm a Belgian software developer —
I'm resident in Gatineau, nearby Ottawa, Canada —
I'm passionate about the world, society and security —
I'm an architect, a dreamer, a perfectionist, a writer and a stubborn idealist.

— What I Do

Master Password —

Master Password is a unique solution to the password problem.

The standard secure approach to handling passwords and pass phrases is by generating these secrets randomly and storing them in a vault.
Unfortunately, this is an extremely dangerous and fragile approach which decouples you from your own identity. You've created a hardware or trust and availability dependency that sits between you and your services.

Master Password liberates you from this. There is no vault. No secret file or data. No externals to trust. Your identity is now your master password, a memorable phrase.
To access your services, the Master Password algorithm acts as a secure calculator, deriving your service-specific key from your identity on-demand.

You can literally lose everything you own as a result of a natural disaster, legal action or accident today; all you need to regain access to your services tomorrow is your master password and a Master Password calculator.

Acoustiguide Interactive —

At Acoustiguide we aim to redefine the experience of visiting cultural heritages.

Alongside a talented design team, I've worked to implement modern experiences to guide visitors of museums and cultural events through media rich and captivating interactive content.

The Bash Guide —

A quality guide through the most popular terminal shell.

Bash is an extremely popular terminal shell for a variety of *NIX and other systems. Unfortunately, its use and operation is often very unclear. Documentation, both commercial and on the web are often extremely lacking, confusing and misleading.

The Bash Guide aims to set the record straight while being user-friendly and approachable. It addresses the many features of the powerful shell in clear and direct language while inviting you to experiment using the countless examples and exercises.