Maarten Billemont

I'm a Flemish Belgian, resident in Gatineau near Ottawa, Canada.

I'm a mobile software developer.
I work at Tristan Interactive, and have authored Gorillas, Master Password and DeBlock.
I also wrote the bash guide and sheet.

I'm a father of 3. My oldest is Ophelia, a 6-year old who's shy in three languages. Theodore and George are her two 3-year old nemeses.

I enjoy beauty, peace and reflection.

I'm very excited by new ideas, new art, evolution and nature.
I enjoy talking about extraordinary, unfeasible and wild concepts. I love thinking about where we are and where we could go.

I'm an INTJ, I have a very strong foundation in logic, with an insatiable thirst for new ideas.
I thrive on challenging the status quo, seek to understand the essence and discover the ideals.

I enjoy photography, thought-provoking entertainment and reflection.
I maintain a personal photographic portofolio.

I love creating things, small things, big things.

I do a lot of bash scripting. I've authored the bash guide and sheet.
I also maintain a bash library.

I enjoy creating mobile apps.
I ported GORILLAS.BAS to iOS, created the DeBlock puzzler and solved the password problem.

I constantly experiment with new ideas.
I've started writing a social photo sharing site with real and deep privacy controls.
I'm working on a social wish list, sharing and discovery site site.
I'm planning a turn-based strategy game with advanced AI for iOS, Java and CLI.

Get in touch, or keep in touch.

I pretend to be social on Google+ as +Maarten Billemont and on twitter as @lhunath.
I avoid Facebook like the plague.

If your interest is professional, feel free to evaluate my resume.

You can or add my email address to your instant messenger.